Who we are

who we are

MD Company was founded in July 2005 by architects and engineers with years of hands on building experience laying a strong foundation for a diversified general contracting firm distinguished through integrity and teamwork. Since its establishment ,company has built an impressively wide range of works from residential, cultural buildings to workplaces.

MD Company meets the architectural and interior design, construction works, complete engineering, environmental science with a strong commitment to tailored solutions with a vision for using design to help clients succeed and creating places that enrich people’s lives.

MD design and engineering staff includes professionals with civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering experience and capabilities. Project experience includes planning analysis of existing facilities, programming, and design. Additional experience includes specifications, value engineering cost estimation, construction administration and management. MD's engineers deal with a variety of challenges. Some projects require a single discipline, such as electrical or civil engineering, while more complex projects require a combination of several disciplines. The firm's engineers may work directly for the client or as consultants to other professionals to accomplish these tasks. MD's engineers are prepared to meet each task with flexibility and poise.