This Design Quality Plan (DQP) has been prepared in accordance with the Design-Build Team's (D-B Team) Quality Manuals. Its purpose is to define the Design Management Systems for the design element of this project. Specifically, it outlines how Design will be chieved, controlled, assured, demonstrated and managed.

This document sets out the main roles, duties and activities with regard to Design and independent Technical Review Quality Management for any construction projects and organization and management structures for the D-8 Team's personnel are also included.


Promote open communications, teamwork and mutual understanding.

Assure production of high quality engineering design and construction documents that comply with customer requirements and meet the customer's expectations on schedule and within budget.

Maintain and improve awareness of all planning, design and construction personnel of the need for and their responsibility for strong upfront QC (Quality Control) procedures.

Insure technical accuracy, completeness, constructability and adherence to regulatory controls.

Define the roles, responsibilities, and the accountability of Design Team members and lndependent Technical Review Team (ITRT) members for quality control.

Reduce construction cost growth by ''acting"to control quality during the design phase rather than "reacting"to problems during construction.

Insure timeliness.

Promote safety and the well being of the public.


Quality control is defined as the evaluation of technical products and processes to ensure that they comply with applicable laws planning, engineering and construction regulations and policies, sound technical practices of the disciplines involved and customer requirements and expectations. Commensurate with the higher profile and risk associated with this particular project, review of the planning documents and critical design features will receive a high level of technical quality verification by the disciplines involved in the work decisions for each discipline. Products will be reviewed to ensure that the following objectives are met:

The recommended plan is economically and technically feasible and environmentally acceptable, is compatible with existing projects, and will be safe, functional, and meet the project's authorized purpose and customer requirements,

The planning and engineering concepts are valid,

Appropriateness of all planning, engineering and design assumptions and methods,

The planning and engineering analyses are correct,

The design compiles with engineering policy and criteria requirements,

The recommended plan and design complies with accepted engineering practice,

The cost estimate is reasonable.

Quality records are the documents demonstrating the conformance to specified requirements and effectiveness of the quality system. They should be identified, filled and maintained according to the related procedure.

As MD, we believe we have a unique opportunity to create positive change by designing built environments that are regenerative, economically responsible, ethical and equitable, and respect the long-term carrying capacity of the earth.